This is me. At least to my ten-year-old self that is. 😉 When asked what it would be like when I grew up, this was pretty much it. A little house in the middle of nowhere, a rather unusual best friend and me creating fantasies all day.

Githa van Eeuwen

My inner world was magical and I found inspiration everywhere. In the books and films I devoured. In my grandma’s attic, where she kept all these mysterious old objects and photographs. During my wanderings in local nature, where I found all kinds of treasures – dead or alive – to bring home. At my mother’s kitchen table, I produced an endless stream of crafts, drawings, stories and comics.

But all children grow up (…except one, according to Peter Pan). I went to college, got a Communications degree and found a very serious job in a very large company. The urge to create remained strong as ever though and for the next few years I studied Photography in the evenings at the Fotoacademie Amsterdam. Soon I started creating photomanipulations, consisting of hundreds of image layers, and I loved it! It felt like a ‘grown up’ version of my crafting days at that kitchen table. And that was the moment – not even that long ago – I decided to return to what I loved to do most. Drawing. Painting. Storytelling.

You will find the results here: drawings and paintings in which imagination and realism meet. Simply because I like the world a little better right next to reality. ♥

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